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Musician's Institute of Canada


Get Good

Musician’s Institute of Canada is not just a name, it is a standard; the crowning convergence of integrity and excellence. A compelling opportunity exists to provide educational quality and industry-relevant training to a vast number of Canadian musicians. MIC’s mission is to provide the highest musical education to an artistically driven populace, as governed by a masterful faculty. Through countless institutional and cultural initiatives, the likes of which do not exist nationally, Musician’s Institute of Canada is devoted to bringing a unique and decisive learning experience to Canadians of all ages.



      MIC's Gold Standard               


  • Provide premium, contemporary education to inspired and motivated musicians of all ages

  • Reinforce consumer confidence with an incomparable and accredited faculty

  • Charter an enriched, musical institution that serves, educates and sustains a generation of artists

  • Engage and fortify a civic and national culture

  • Demonstrate and imbue equity that is intrinsic to music and art

  • Focus on personal creativity and foster an appreciation for product-based structures

  • Administer accreditation courses for liberal post-secondary admission

  • Provide students and artisans with a diverse and artistically galvanized epicenter for musical growth and community building

  • Deliver a curriculum-based teaching model for cogent and optimal learning

  • Grant a tempered adjudication process for personal growth

  • Employ collective programs for corporate learning and engagement

  • Instruct and allow countless opportunities for live music performance and recording 

  • Allocate meritorious and preconditional student scholarships

  • Instruct on songwriting and arrangement skills

Musician's Institute of Canada (MIC)
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