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GoFundMe: 'Gavin's Drive To The In'

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Thank you for reading this story of my good friend, Gavin Sorochan.

Who is Gavin?

He is a true fighter, one who never takes a simple no, an actuator of accomplishments, a curated musician, a samaritan, a friend, a father, CEO and a doer.

For most of humanity, the last several months have represented a new paradox, a duality that has not been experienced for over a century.

As the domination of unfamiliarity and  '
unknown unknowns' have caused inertia and distress, it has also served as a catalyst for new ideas, inspiration and opportunity.

The latter perspective most assuredly defines my friend, 

And it is for this purpose that I reach out to you today.

With the wholesale decline of music industry events, Gavin and NightCastle Productions are resolute in presenting the Two Night, Nuevo Drive In,
Major Concert Event 














Embracing the reality that our current climate demands both creativity and diligence, Gavin has created a Concert Event that rivals any other major performance.

The Event includes: 3-62' LED Screens, breathtaking Pyro-Technics, 4D-simulated Cryo Cannons, Water Jets, Lasers and world-class lighting and staging. Transcendent, iconic and visually stunning, RUSH: Moving Pictures and Greatest Hits will undoubtably satisfy the discerning expectations of both fans and critics, alike.

Understanding that the road to accomplishment requires Gavin to assume far greater roles and responsibilities, Gavin gladly accepted all challenges as necessary and vital to this directive.

President to Promoter, from Marketing to Musician, Gavin has carried the mantle of duty with both unyielding determination and tangible effectiveness.











Upon AHS approval and blessing, Gavin and NightCastle Productions has dutifully achieved all predominant sponsorship goals.

With venue appointed, sound requirements satisfied, security concerns addressed, curated, world-class musicians committed and rehearsed, there leaves only a single evening venue compensation ($8000.00) and marketing expenditures ($4000.00) to account for.
















It is with gratitude and great appreciation that I ask you to join with NightCastle Productions, to bring this one-of-a-kind Concert Event to the great City of Calgary

                                              What does your contribution mean?

From our honoured 
front-line workers to every citizen ‘prevailing through the storm’, you are helping produce the means by which rejoicing, celebration and community are realized. You create the sparks needed to rekindle our collective spirit.

Furthermore, this Concert Event coupled with all of NightCastle's forthcoming major artist events, is restoring our languishing Arts and Culture Industry and devotedly actioning people back to work. It is 
your support, one benevolent act at a time, that begets this reality. 

And to that end, it is NightCastle's distinct pleasure to donate all proceeds above cost to:




















The performance dates are conditionally slated for September 11/12, 2020. The additional funding needed to satisfy all outstanding considerations and marketing of the event must be accomplished by August 8, 2020.

The time to act is now!

Along with NightCastle Productions, you become the actuators of accomplishment, interchanging resources for the intrinsic esteem associated with pacifying comprehensive social burden.


I thank you very much for your consideration. Your contribution truly is The Difference.

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